New Comic Book Day – February 21, 2018

NCBD – Week 8 – 02.21.18 Happy NCBD!  As usual you can find what we are reading this week here at TGV.  This week we are spotlighting ‘Punks Not Dead’.  This title grabbed my attention mostly because punk happens to be one of my favorite genres of music, i also happen to believe it is

Metal Gear Survive Out Today

       Okay, before I get into talking about the game I just want to hit some of you with some real talk. I get it, you hate Konami for what they “supposedly” did to Kojima, we all do, and I understand possibly being on the fence with the setting of this game. That

Mass Effect: Andromeda: One Year Later.

Way back on November 16, 2007 I remember firing up my XBox360 and placing Mass Effect into the disc tray for the first time. Not really knowing much about it I created my custom Shepard backstory and set off on a 70 hour space adventure that drew me in and kept me hooked until its

New Comic Book Day – February 14, 2018

NCBD – Week 7 – 02.14.18 Happy Valentine’s & NCBD Day! Lots of good books this week. Here is what we are reading this week at TGV. Port of Earth #4 Detective Comics #974 Invincible #144 Kick-Ass #1 Kill or Be Killed #16 Lazarus: X+66 #6 Mister Miracle Director’s Cut #1 Pestilence Vol.1 TP Darth

New Comic Book Day – February 07, 2018

NCBD – Week 6 – 02.07.18 Happy NCBD everyone!  This week we are starting something new and providing some analytics about what we here at The Geeks’ Valhalla (TGV) are reading.  This week we are starting with our pull list and the publishers we are reading. Batman White Knight #5 Daredevil #598 Green Arrow #37

This Month’s Movies – February 2018

February 9th This week sees the release of a few noteworthy movies. First off, this week we have Fifty Shades Freed. This is supposedly the last film of the series. Although given how financially successful these movies have been and the fact that the author has recently released a fourth book, my guess is it

Shadow Of The Colossus Out Today On PS4!

      So today is a pretty big deal for a lot of older gamers and PlayStation fans.  Way back in 2005, Shadow of the Colossus was originally released  for the PS2 with limited to no real press in the US. Most people were concerned with the upcoming release of the PS3 to really

Some Minor Changes

So we’ve been tinkering around and have made some more changes to try and get things in order, but everything is coming along. Look for us to be at 100% soon!   Keep Checking Back For More Updates!

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