Every late May to early June people all over the gaming industry, from developers to consumers, all begin to make their bold predictions of what will be announced at the upcoming E3. Some of it is easily predicted while some of it is just pure hope from die hard fans of long dead series (RIP

New Comic Book Day – June 06, 2018

NCBD – Week 23 – 06.06.18 Happy NCBD!  This week the new Justice League hits the shelves, with Totality part 1.  In addition check out everything else we are reading below. Justice League #1 Writer: Scott Snyder Artist: Mark Morales Cover Artist: Jim Cheung “THE TOTALITY” part one! A brand-new era begins here! Comics legends Scott Snyder and

New Comic Book Day – May 09, 2018

NCBD – Week 19 – 05.09.18 Happy NCBD!  BPRD is finally back with The Devil You Know #6 and as usual check out everything we are reading this week below… Week 19 Pull List & Statistics Batman White Knight #8 BPRD: The Devil You Know #6 Detective Comics #980 Oblivion Song #3 Outcast #35 Port

God of War Review

*Some minor spoilers ahead* Zeus is dead. His brothers, his sons, his wife, all dead by the hands of the Ghost of Sparta. The last glimpse of Kratos we all had was him bleeding out from the self inflicted wound after mincing words with “Athena”crawling off the side of Mount Olympus. The world is destroyed

New Comic Book Day – May 02, 2018

NCBD – Week 18 – 05.02.18 Happy NCBD!  This week we have a new Image book by Rick Remender called “Death or Glory” and a Tank Girl book (One of my favorite comic book characters ever!).  Tank Girl is back in full color!  The collected issues now in color over 6 issues. As usual check

New Comic Book Day – April 25, 2018

NCBD – Week 17 – 04.25.18 Happy NCBD!  This month we have a new Aliens book out just in time for Alien Day tomorrow.  The story doesn’t take place on LV-426 but at least it has aliens in it!  We also have the much anticipated return of Wolverine, with the start of ‘Hunt for Wolverine’. 

Black Lightning Season One Review

This week the CW’s Black Lightning wrapped it’s freshman season, and what a season it was. It’s a show that hit the ground running, and quickly became the best show on the CW network. While not always the most action packed show, Black Lightning thrives off it’s relatable characters and its exciting story. I was totally unprepared for

New Comic Book Day – April 18, 2018

NCBD – Week 16 – 04.18.18 Happy NCBD!  This week is a huge week as the much anticipated Action Comics #1000 is finally out on shelves.  Honoring 80 years of the man of steel, this oversized issue has 80 pages of new art and stories.  There are 9 variant covers including a blank variant. If

God of War And Super Troopers 2 Release This Friday

Okay, this would be a pretty big week if it were just one of these releasing but the fact that they are bothing coming out this week..on the same fucking day..has me believing in a higher power (just kidding, Hockey God’s are the supreme overloads. Let’s go Bruins, Fuck the Leafs). It’s been 8 years

New Comic Book Day – April 11, 2018

NCBD – Week 15 – 04.11.18 Happy NCBD!!! A couple of new series this week:  Brothers Dracula (AfterShock), Robocop Citizens Arrest (Boom), & Dead Hand (Image).  They are all spotlighted below and you can find our full reading list below. I am particularly excited to check out Robocop Citizens Arrest.  I am HUGE fan of