New Comic Book Day – December 5, 2018

NCBD – Week 49 – 12.05.18 Sorry for the shortage of NCBD posts but with the holidays and PAX we have been ridiculously busy.  This week is a very light week for us we only picked up three books this week.  We should be back in full force now and we will keep you updated

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions Booster Share

Champions Booster Card Share Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions has been my favorite game as of late, so why not post about it.  As we are getting ready for the release of the Onslaught expansion on November 27th, we thought we would share some more booster cards from the original wave.  Click on the thumbnail

Black Ops 4 Review Part 1 of 3

Black Ops 4 is here and there’s a lot of content to discuss. This Review will be focused on the team vs team modes. Blackout and zombies will come later on in the week once we’ve had time to thoroughly play them.   The Call of Duty franchise returns for it’s yearly installment, but this

New Comic Book Day – October 10, 2018

NCBD – Week 41 – 10.10.18 Happy NCBD, this is a light week for us here at TGV.  There is a new Dredd book by 2000AD written as a sequel to the DREDD movie.  Which is ok with us since we love anything Judge Dredd.  Check out everything we are reading below. Dredd Final Judgement

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions

So i am a huge fan of anything Warhammer 40k; tabletop, video games, comics, you name it i am all over it.  However, i have never really been into the Warhammer Fantasy side of Games Workshop.  So when they announced a trading card game based on the Age of Sigmar fantasy miniatures game i was

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Mid Season Recap And Review

  After over a year and a half wait the gang finally came back to us. Season 12’s finale shocked all of us with Dennis leaving to raise his son, the destruction of the golden gods Range Rover via Mac’s RPG, Charlie FINALLY banging the waitress and immediately regretting it, and Dee still being a

New Comic Book Day – October 03, 2018

NCBD – Week 40 – 10.03.18 This week’s NCBD has a new macro-series from IDW building up to TMNT #100.  The first of the series is Donatello.  We also have a new 5 part series from DC featuring Wonder Woman & Justice League Dark; The Witching Hour. As usual check out everything we are reading

New Comic Book Day – September 26, 2018

NCBD – Week 39 – 09.26.18 Happy NCBD!  What a crazy week last week with Batman Damned taking everyone by surprise and selling extremely well.  It has been spotted selling for as much as $70 online.  This week’s new DC title is Heroes in Crisis.  As usual check out everything we are reading below. Heroes

New Comic Book Day – September 19, 2018

NCBD – Week 38 – 09.19.18 Happy NCBD, this is a pretty big week for new books.  We have Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man Annual and the long awaited Return of the Wolverine. DC’s new horror themed Batman Damned from their new DC Black Label imprint, and a director’s cut from Image’s Gideon Falls. This week also

New Comic Book Day – September 12, 2018

NCBD – Week 37 – 09.12.18 Happy NCBD!! Here is everything we are reading this week.  Wishing the best to all our east coast friends as Florence approaches!! Week 37 Pull List & Statistics Amazing Spider-Man #5 B.P.R.D The Devil You Know #10 Crossed Plus 100 Mimic Daredevil #608 Star Wars Darth Vader #21 Detective