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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Mid Season Recap And Review

  After over a year and a half wait the gang finally came back to us. Season 12’s finale shocked all of us with Dennis leaving to raise his son, the destruction of the golden gods Range Rover via Mac’s RPG, Charlie FINALLY banging the waitress and immediately regretting it, and Dee still being a

Black Lightning Season One Review

This week the CW’s Black Lightning wrapped it’s freshman season, and what a season it was. It’s a show that hit the ground running, and quickly became the best show on the CW network. While not always the most action packed show, Black Lightning thrives off it’s relatable characters and its exciting story. I was totally unprepared for

Krypton – The Rankless Initiative Review

There is a moment in this week’s episode of Krypton in which Seg-El is confronted by a character who has become completely corrupted by Brainiac. Her skin is veiny and diseased ridden, like she has the bubonic plague. There is a creepy green light pulsating through her skin. Metal tentacles protrude out of her skin

Krypton – House of El Review

Raising the Roof Things take a slightly more interesting turn this week as Seg-El moves closer to fulfilling his destiny. After the death of his parents last episode, Seg-El struggles with his desire for revenge. Meanwhile, Adam Strange and Kem search for proof that Brainiac is coming for Krypton. Remember how my one complaint with

Krypton Pilot Review

Bringing Down the House Supposedly Krypton, the latest series from the Syfy channel is not in fact part of DC’s Extended Universe. Which is odd considering everything from the set design to the way the world of Krypton operates feels very much inspired by what was seen in 2013’s Man of Steel. This is far from a