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March Video Game Releases

Happy March, everyone! This month is pretty light on major releases but there’s still few gems we’ve been looking forward to such as Left Alive, Tropico 6, and The Division 2. This isn’t a bad thing though being last that the last couple of months have pumped out a lot of AAA games that I’m

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions Booster Share

Champions Booster Card Share Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions has been my favorite game as of late, so why not post about it.  As we are getting ready for the release of the Onslaught expansion on November 27th, we thought we would share some more booster cards from the original wave.  Click on the thumbnail

Black Ops 4 Review Part 1 of 3

Black Ops 4 is here and there’s a lot of content to discuss. This Review will be focused on the team vs team modes. Blackout and zombies will come later on in the week once we’ve had time to thoroughly play them.   The Call of Duty franchise returns for it’s yearly installment, but this

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions

So i am a huge fan of anything Warhammer 40k; tabletop, video games, comics, you name it i am all over it.  However, i have never really been into the Warhammer Fantasy side of Games Workshop.  So when they announced a trading card game based on the Age of Sigmar fantasy miniatures game i was

Summer Gaming Drought

It’s hot, it’s humid and it’s post E3. All of us gamers know what that means…the dreaded summer game drought is officially here and aside from a few key new releases, most of us will be twiddling our thumbs rewatching new game trailers or even worse, talking to and spending time outdoors with loved ones.


Every late May to early June people all over the gaming industry, from developers to consumers, all begin to make their bold predictions of what will be announced at the upcoming E3. Some of it is easily predicted while some of it is just pure hope from die hard fans of long dead series (RIP

God of War Review

*Some minor spoilers ahead* Zeus is dead. His brothers, his sons, his wife, all dead by the hands of the Ghost of Sparta. The last glimpse of Kratos we all had was him bleeding out from the self inflicted wound after mincing words with “Athena”crawling off the side of Mount Olympus. The world is destroyed

God of War And Super Troopers 2 Release This Friday

Okay, this would be a pretty big week if it were just one of these releasing but the fact that they are bothing coming out this week..on the same fucking day..has me believing in a higher power (just kidding, Hockey God’s are the supreme overloads. Let’s go Bruins, Fuck the Leafs). It’s been 8 years

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review

For a while now I have been itching to play something different, not necessarily brand new but something that steps out of the mold that most games these days all seem to come from. Kingdom Come: Deliverance scratched that itch and except for a few bugs (some typical/hysterical and some odd), it was a joy

Metal Gear Survive Out Today

       Okay, before I get into talking about the game I just want to hit some of you with some real talk. I get it, you hate Konami for what they “supposedly” did to Kojima, we all do, and I understand possibly being on the fence with the setting of this game. That