Black Ops 4 Review Part 1 of 3

Black Ops 4 is here and there’s a lot of content to discuss. This Review will be focused on the team vs team modes. Blackout and zombies will come later on in the week once we’ve had time to thoroughly play them.


The Call of Duty franchise returns for it’s yearly installment, but this one is different. For the first time in the franchises long history, they’ve decided to skip the single player campaign and focus solely on the multiplayer. I for one one am very disappointed by this. Black Ops is my favorite storyline in the franchise and when I heard they were skipping it I had serious concerns and questions as to why they would even make this a numbered entry.

Now to be clear I’m one of those weirdos who prefers the single player campaign in most multiplayer games and Black Ops for me has been one of the best. The dark, twisted, corrupted tale of government conspiracies, cover ups and torture from the late sixties to the distant future has kept me hooked over the years. There is some story in this game that is locked behind completion of the games tutorial mode. This mode teaches you how to play various modes and introduces you to the 10 operatives you can select in the multiplayer section. My issue with this is it’s BORING AS FUCK. I like the story it’s trying to tell but having to go through a 10 minute tutorial for each character and then  play a skirmish against bots whos AI ranges from dumber than dirt to elite marksman is a bit much. Once you complete the 15-30 minute section you are given a 30 second (sometimes 10 seconds) CGI story clip and then rinse and repeat for the next character. Glass is looking pretty tasty right about now


Moving on to the PVP multiplayer you are now free to pick from a generous selection of game modes. Kill confirmed has always been a favorite of mine but now there’s fucking way am I playing it in Black Ops 4. The problem with the new “hero” characters is that in some modes everyone can be the same character and some characters abilities are just plane unbalanced and overpowered. One match of kill confirmed I played against a group with 3 people playing as Nomad. His special trait is to unleash a dog. No biggy right? Well said dog takes over 30 fucking shots to kill and kills you in one hit. Now picture 3 of those mother fuckers running around the map with their owners camping getting killstreaks and dropping fucking missiles on you while you try to fend off this fucking fuck of a dog. I must of been killed 11 times  by a dog only to respawn to another assholes dog right in front of me adding another cheap and frustrating death. FIX THAT SHIT TREYARCH.


Where the hero characters shine is in the capture game modes and bomb defusal. These modes are where i’ve been spending a lot of my time. Your lives are limited, no duplicate characters and teamwork is a must. Firebreak is my prefered character with is nuclear core that he can expose to irradiate the surrounding areas. Perfect for those bitch campers or well defended capture points. Bomb defusal is even better because you have one life to live and it can get tense. Sure, every now again you’ll be teamed up with or against some asshole with a retarded xxx or 420 name who likes to screech into his mic while running off and either getting killed immediately or be the last alive who camps in a corner until time expires but it’s been pretty rare. These modes really are winners in my book and they give off a Counter Strike/Rainbow Six Siege feel.

Now let’s talk about gun play. Call of Duty’s gun play has always been fast but for some reason this one seems more punishing on players who don’t spray and pray or uses shitty SMG’s. There’s a wide variety of weapons but people seem to spam the high rate of fire guns. There have been countless times where I’ve had the drop on someone, put four or five rounds in there chest and head only to be greeted by death because Joe Fuckface was still able to pull the trigger while being shot to effectively put fifteen rounds in my arms and legs killing me. What makes it so infuriating is that the kill cam shows how low their health is and how they just turn to you while squeezing the trigger vomiting dozens of bullets your direction leading to your death. Let’s also note that every single gun is 100% accurate when aiming down the sights and has zero drop off. So here you are watching the kill cam to see [420]xxxMnt.Dewxxx across the map light you up with full auto fire and hitmarker after glorious hitmarker. Oh and fuck those quick scoping assholes with the one shot OP rifles. You’re not cool and everyone hates you. Not to many of them either but know they are there.


I may seem like i’m being critical and harsh but these are just my opinions. Everything I’ve described is what Call of Duty has been and it’s it’s own style. I would say I’m a Call of Duty Casual and that I dump maybe 40-80 hours into it, get to the first rank of prestige move on to the next game.  Luckily there are two other huge modes to spend time in if this one isn’t your thing. There is fun to be had here and it’s a new game that needs patches and tweaks. I’ll continue to play because even though I bitch and moan I’ll find myself coming back for more. It’s not for everyone even though it’s marketed as such but still worth checking out  if you need to scratch that multiplayer itch. We feel Black Ops team vs team multiplayer mode gets a  6 out of 10 for it’s fun yet very frustrating gameplay. Perfect for Call of Duty enthusiasts but definitely in need of work.

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