Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions

So i am a huge fan of anything Warhammer 40k; tabletop, video games, comics, you name it i am all over it.  However, i have never really been into the Warhammer Fantasy side of Games Workshop.  So when they announced a trading card game based on the Age of Sigmar fantasy miniatures game i was a little disappointed (i always want something 40k).  So when i went to my local gaming store and they were demoing the game i was a little skeptical.  After playing my first game i was hooked!  I had played Magic the Gathering in the past and i was concerned it would be just as complicated but its very streamlined and fun.  I have been told the mechanics are similar to Lightseekers, but not having played it the mechanics are new to me.  The game also launched with a digital version available for Android and iOS, the digital version lets you play online and also collect the cards digitally.  In addtion to digital cards earned in the app, each physical card can be scanned into the app and added to your collection.

Game Overview

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions is a trading card game based on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe.

There are four (4) Grand Alliances to chose from; Order, Chaos, Destruction and Death.  Players take turns playing units and spells controlled by their 4 Champions, to try and defeat their opponent, and protect themselves until only 1 person is left standing. Every turn your units and spells in play rotate, and as they do their effects might grow stronger or weaker, or completely change.

Deck Structure

The first release of Champions includes 278 cards to choose from; champions, blessings, units, spells, and abilities.

The player’s deck itself consists of 38 cards, with the below structure:

  • 4 Champions
  • 4 Blessings
  • 30 Action cards (units, spells, & Abilities)



The game begins with players positioning the Champions from their chosen alliance on to the battlefield, each Champion is accompanied by an unknown blessing which may come into play during the match. Once all Champions are deployed the game can begin.

Players take turns to perform up to 2 actions, this may include playing a card or using 1 of their cards’ heroic acts. For every action ‘passed’ the player will draw a card.

As the battle continues Champions will progress through their own personal ‘quests’ by completing a set of objectives, which may include damaging the enemy, deploying units or activating spells. Once a Champions quest has been completed their blessing is revealed.

Blessings are powerful abilities bestowed on Champions by the gods, that can quickly change the flow of a battle.

Combat continues until a player reduces their opponent’s health to 0, and seizes victory.


Rules can be found on the Champions site or at this link.

Booster Cards

AoS Champions also has a neat  feature with booster cards.  These shareable and scanable cards help unlock rewards in the digital version of the game.  Every booster pack comes with a “booster card”, the card can be scanned from the digital app and then shared.  The more it is shared the more rewards are unlocked.

You can download scans of our booster cards by clicking on the picture below or the download button below it.

Final Words...

After playing both digitally and physically over the last month or so, i am really enjoying the game.  The game mechanics are fun and a typical game lasts 15-20 minutes so its a huge break from playing a miniatures game.  A lot of the players at my LGS play AoSC while waiting for people to finish their mini’s games.

The digital version in my opinion is what puts this game over the top, you find yourself playing all the time and you can use the digital version to test out decks before actually playing them physically.

You can find more information and tutorials below:

Score: 4.5/5

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