It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Mid Season Recap And Review


After over a year and a half wait the gang finally came back to us.


Season 12’s finale shocked all of us with Dennis leaving to raise his son, the destruction of the golden gods Range Rover via Mac’s RPG, Charlie FINALLY banging the waitress and immediately regretting it, and Dee still being a dumb bird. When SE12 ended the gang announced that they would be taking a hiatus from Sunny to work on side projects and other shows and what really set people into a panic was when Glenn Howerton said he was unsure if he would return for the next season.


Well folks, the Golden God shall not be kept from us. Episode one was a bit of a slow burn but once the Dennis sex doll shows up, classic Sunny shows it’s true colors. In the 10 minutes the doll was there it causes the waitress to relapse and bang it, makes now shredded Mac feel fat, dehumanize Dee, and causing Frank to brain farts. The episode ends with the gang barging into the bar, Charlie playing the dolls asshole like a trumpet after discovering it makes funny noises after they all gangbanged it…yes..they GANGBANGED the doll. The real dennis shows up shortly after, swiftly disposing off Cindy and opening the door to a world we all to and love.

Episode 2 has the gang doing an escape room challenge at Mac and Dennis’s apartment. Of Course they can’t work together. Dee almost immediately gets locked in Dennis’s bedroom activating his sex dungeon and his CREEPY automated message of consent.  Mac and Dennis split into a team while Charlie and Frank form their own. After totally destroying all the props they decide to have a meeting of the minds. Hours pass and they each reveal that they hold a lock and key. They come to terms and unlock the box only to discover the box contained instructions for the game. With time almost up they return to a frenzy only to notice Dee has escape the sex dungeon (“Clever Girl”) by crawling out to the balcony. That then causes the game master whos been watching on cctv to freak out and unlock the doors. Dee then falls and the gang uses that as a perfect opportunity to escape the room and win the game. Would you expect anything less?


The next episode is a remake of the Boggs challenge consisting of all the women of It’s always sunny. Dee, Mrs.Mac, Mrs.Kelly, Artemis, and Waitress. It’s exactly as it sounds. 30 minutes of Dee still being shit on, Mrs.Mac grunting, Artemis selling “Vag Rocks” and spiked tea to an all female flight causing them all to puke and shit themselves, The waitress gets depressingly hammered who finds Frank, a stowaway in the bathroom, and proceeds bang him to get even with and beat Dennis, and Mrs.Kelly being a neurotic mess. Once again Dee fails to beat the record due to being removed from the plane for being too ill thanks to Artemis.


Episode 4 might be one of the most offensive in quite some time and all I say is you have to watch it for yourself…Seriously…Watch it.


This brings us to the mid season Episode 5. I’m surprised it took this long for Dennis to want to replace the Golden Gods Chariot that Mac and the gang so pleasantly destroyed with a RPG at the end of last season. Frank agrees to pay for Dennis’s car but only the kelly blue book value of $472. Frank then buys a 2018 Range Rover for himself  but finds out his license has been suspended since 1982. Frank entrusts the Rover to Dee while he gets his license. In this time the car has a very empowering effect on Dee. She begins to hang out with elites and refers to herself and the Golden Goddess. One of the elites makes a comment and enrages Dee to come up with a Dennis esque plan but with none of the grace. She ultimately bangs the young husband of the woman to get even but comes to find out the young husband turned out to be her UNDERAGE SON that frank was showing old porn to for helping him in drivers ed. On the other side of the city Mac and Charlie savagely beat and potentially murder children of their childhood bullies.



So, has this season been worth the wait? You bet your sweet ass it has. This season so far has topped the Dumpster baby episode in offensiveness with it’s lewd sex acts, jokes, self destructive behavior yet somehow has been conveying a very positive messages to the LGBT community with Gay Mac. How can the second half of possibly top Charlie playing a used sex dolls asshole like a trumpet or HR sexual harassment nightmare of episode 4?  It seems the time away has been great for the groups creative minds and they are showing no signs of slowing down.


First half of the season in my mind is amazing and a must watch for Sunny fans or newcomers to the show 9.5/10

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