Summer Gaming Drought


It’s hot, it’s humid and it’s post E3. All of us gamers know what that means…the dreaded summer game drought is officially here and aside from a few key new releases, most of us will be twiddling our thumbs rewatching new game trailers or even worse, talking to and spending time outdoors with loved ones. I know, gross, right?  Well don’t worry, The Geeks Valhalla has got your back with a list of a few games you may have overlooked and or have forgotten about to help get you through this years dreaded summer gaming drought..

  • Shadow Of War


Much like Shadow Of Mordor, Shadow Of War went vastly Unnoticed by gamers either because it came out in the heart of the holiday season or because a lot of players were turned off by the optional microtransactions. I personally bought it and then forgot about it due another release but I recently began playing it again and much to my approval I discovered the Microtransactions have been removed. It’s also noteworthy that almost every retailer, both physical and digital, have this game on sale for $19.99 or less. No better time like the present to Murder Uruks or add them to your army to booty blast Sauron.

  • Red Faction Guerilla Re-mars-tered editon


So i’m sure a lot of you are already playing this or have given it some thought. But if you haven’t played the original or are looking for something fun and chaotic than look no further. While not the best remaster out there, a fresh coat of paint and some minor bug fixes from the original should keep most people invested in this ultra destructible (EVERYTHING) open world Mars landscape and only for $29.99 or less.

  • Dark Souls Remastered


Like pain? Like Suffering? Like throwing your controller because of those fucking archers at the top of Anor londo or invading neck beards who glitched their way to an OP character? No? To fucking bad, you know you’ll play it if you aren’t already. Don’t worry switch owners, this bad boy is coming your way real soon. You finally get to play a real man’s game and piss blood like the rest of us. This fucking equivalent of eating glass can be yours for only $39.99.

  • Resident Evil Collection


With everyone still hyped about the recent news of RE2, it seems most digital retailers are trying to cash in. Shockingly just about every resident evil game is on sale. This ranges from ZERO all the way to RE7. That means you can own all 7 of the re-releases and RE7 for under $100. If thats not a deal than nothing is. You’re welcome


There you have it. A list of games that can help you beat the heat and boredom until some of the next big releases. Give’em a go for a first time or if you’re a trophy/achievement hunter like me try to collect that last hidden gem or beat it on the hardest difficulty! Have fun, stay cool and please don’t punch anyone due to Dark Souls

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