Every late May to early June people all over the gaming industry, from developers to consumers, all begin to make their bold predictions of what will be announced at the upcoming E3. Some of it is easily predicted while some of it is just pure hope from die hard fans of long dead series (RIP Dead Space). This year however ever was different.

Resident Evil has been a beloved series since it’s original outing way back in 96, (10 year old me lost a lot of sleep) and while a few of the entries have fallen from grace, Long time fans such as myself still do backflips at even the slightest info leak of a potential new game or remake.

Going back over 5 plus years a small group of fans/devs began work on remaking their own version of Re2 and it was looking like it was going to be something special. Graphical overhaul, new animations the works. But then Capcom issued take down notices and cease and desist letters to the group.

Now in most cases I would say fuck those greedy bastards for killing a fan project but luckily (not so much for the devs) it was because Capcom was ready to announce its not remaster but REMAKE of Resident Evil 2. The world lost it shit. The best game in the series that fans have been asking for even the slightest update to for the last 20 years is finally happening.

Now fast forward to last week. The 20 year anniversary of news. Just a semi cryptic photo of the lead devs desk. Before that slim pickings on info. Some voice actor changes, news that it will be in the new Re engine used for 7 and that’s really it. Multiple E3’s of no news, trailers, gameplay..jack shit. Most of us while still hoping kind of just accepted that we may never see the Re2 remake this console cycle or even at all.

But then it happened, 2018’s E3 will forever go down as the best E3 ever. Not only did they FINALLY release and new trailer showing off the gorgeous looking game, it’s updated fan favorite characters and graphic violence, it also ended with an official release date of January 25 2019. HOLY FUCK-A-RONI!!!

I for one am excited as hell to finally be able to travel through the broken streets of Racoon City and and brave the disturbing blood soaked halls of RPD scavenging for ammo and popping the heads of the T-Virus infected undead.

Let us know what you guys think in the comments below or on our Instagram page, and be sure to keep a look out for our future posts on a few recent game releases!

Check out the new trailer here!

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