God of War Review

*Some minor spoilers ahead*

Zeus is dead. His brothers, his sons, his wife, all dead by the hands of the Ghost of Sparta. The last glimpse of Kratos we all had was him bleeding out from the self inflicted wound after mincing words with “Athena”crawling off the side of Mount Olympus. The world is destroyed and a new power seems be filling the void of the now dead God’s. The End.

Since 2010 we have all been left wondering the fate of Kratos and trying to figure out the answers the questions God of War 3 left. Enter 2018’s God of War. Kratos is alive and well and a new land sporting a kick ass beard but still baring the scar in his abdomen from being impaled by the Blade of Olympus…TWICE.

Ive been playing God of War now for two weeks exploring every inch of Midgard and it’s realms trying to learn and collect everything. I don’t want to spoil anything because right off the bat this game hits you with some intense stuff that Sony Santa Monica has kept secret the past few years, so I’ll try to be as brief as possible on the story front.

The game opens up to Kratos gathering special logs of wood to be used for the pyre for his newly deceased wife with his son Atreyus. Right off the start you can tell that this isn’t the same Ghost of Sparta we all know and love. He’s Quiet, Aged, in mourning and most notably extemely human. Atreus on the other hand in inqusitive, chipper, but very distant of his father.

After a few cinematics you are given control of Kratos and I can assure you that you will be addicted from that point on. Kratos new Leviathan Axe is one of the best weapons in video games. Every hit and throw sounds and feels powerful. Hearing the axe slice though enimes or flying through the air is extremely satisfying. Atreus is equip with a bow that later can be upgraded with magic arrows that can be the difference between life and death in some of the tougher fights later on ( fucking Valkyries). The game is now open world and you are free to explore Midgard at your leisure. From looking for treasures to helping out companions by doing side quests all the way to freeing dragons imprisoned by Odin the Dick.

Story wise God of War is excellent. As mentioned before this is the most human Kratos has ever been. He’s very distant from his son and at times both are very aware of it. The new setting also dives into Norse mythology and shows the true nature of Odin, Thor and Aesir Gods. It’s not a pretty picture and as you progress you’ll see the extent of their treachery and cruelty.

Another new feature is the ability to equip Kratos with some pretty fucking awesome armor and attachments for his weapons. By far some of the coolest armor I’ve seen in games and it’s more reason to keep me hooked into exploring Midgard. The level up system, while good, is nothing special. Typical kill enimes to gain xp to purchase upgrades.

If you own a PS4 and are a fan of God of War or even if you are new to the franchise, this is a must play. While it is a continuation of the series it’s also a soft reboot that is very welcoming to a new audience. I have over 25 hours invested into this game and I’m still going trying to collect every last artifact, learn every story and max Kratos out to to be the God killing machine we all know and love.

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