Krypton – The Rankless Initiative Review

Ian McElhinney (Left) as Val-El, Shaun Sipos (Center) as Adam Strange, and Cameron Cuffe (Right) as Seg-El (photo from

There is a moment in this week’s episode of Krypton in which Seg-El is confronted by a character who has become completely corrupted by Brainiac. Her skin is veiny and diseased ridden, like she has the bubonic plague. There is a creepy green light pulsating through her skin. Metal tentacles protrude out of her skin and she sports the same cold, empty eyes of Brainiac himself. The best part of this show has always been it’s production value, and this episode is no exception. It is a very unsettling scene that is just one part of Krypton’s strongest episode so far.

The premise of this episode is that Brainiac has sent a scout to corrupt and turn a Kryptonian into his spy in order for him to learn more about the planet. Upon learning this, Seg and Adam Strange set out to find this scout and prevent it from reporting back to Brainiac. It’s a race against time as they try to find the scout before it completely corrupts it’s victim. While we only see him for a brief moment this episode, Brainiac’s chilling presence is felt throughout the episode (especially during the especially creepy climax). The story is also backed by an excellent performance by Alexis Raben as Rhom. The ending is bittersweet and leaves you excited for the next episode.

Alexis Raben as Rhom (photo by

But the Brainiac scout isn’t the only thing happening this episode. This episode also sees Lyta-Zod commanding her squadron of Sagitarri to come the homes of the rankless in search of members of the terrorist group Black Zero. Lyta is pushed to her limits as she has to balance her orders from command and her desire to protect as many innocent lives as possible. Her beliefs counter the militaristic and oppressive attitude of the Sagitarri (the Kryptonian army). It’s this constant pull between duty and peace that has made Lyta one of the more engaging characters in Krypton. She had some tough calls to make this episode, and I can’t wait to see how things pan out for her.

Andrea Vasiliou as Kol-Da (photo by

And while we are on the Zod family, Lyta’s mom Jayna is another character that I enjoy more and more every week. She’s a vicious warrior dedicated to the guild. But now that her idealistic daughter has her own command in is refusing to fall in line it has created quite the emotional conundrum for Jayna. We saw in the pilot episode that Jayna is not above seriously hurting her own daughter if it means upholding Krypton’s values. But we see this week that she is clearly being tormented over her daughter’s constant disobedience and knows it’s only a matter of time before she is forced to confront Lyta.

Krypton is getting stronger and stronger each week. I am genuinely looking forward to seeing what the next episode has in store. The show has a lot of great ideas in motion and every week I find myself getting pulled into this story more and more.

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