Krypton – House of El Review

Raising the Roof

Things take a slightly more interesting turn this week as Seg-El moves closer to fulfilling his destiny. After the death of his parents last episode, Seg-El struggles with his desire for revenge. Meanwhile, Adam Strange and Kem search for proof that Brainiac is coming for Krypton. Remember how my one complaint with the first episode was how flat and generic the characters felt? Well this episode took a huge step forward to fixing that. Seg has been through a lot within the past few days, and the burden of everything that has happened to him is hitting him hard. It makes for some truly compelling character development. We see him struggle, and fall, and through all of that we start to see the hero that Seg will one day become.

Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El (photo from

I also really enjoyed Lyta Zod’s story line in this episode. After realizing that the military guild’s plan to deal with the terroist group Black Cell will result in countless unranked lives being ruined, Lyta takes matters in her own hands and literally fights her commanding officer to save the unranked people. But it is the way that the story is resolved that got me the most. In the first episode, Lyta has always come off as a kind and compassionate person. Someone who is very different then a certain other member of the House of Zod. And that rings mostly true through in this one, except for the very end. I won’t reveal it hear, but it adds another interesting layer to her character. It shows that there is a lot more going on with Lyta Zod then I originally thought.

Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod (photo from

Although we don’t see much of her this episode, the few scenes with Nyssa-Vex were also really good. She’s a character that I am not quite sure what to make of yet. It seems that she is loyal to her father, the primary villain of the series, but at the same time it looks like shes walking a thin line between Daron-Vex and Seg-El. It will be very interesting to see where the show takes her character.

Cameron Cuffe (Left) as Seg-El and Wallis Day (Right) as Nyssa-Vex (photo from

Krypton‘s second episode does not have much in terms of story progression, but it delivers big time on character development. Not everyone comes out of this episode better then the last (I’m still not feeling Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange), but the episode succeeded in investing me in both Seg-El and Lyta Zod. Here’s hoping┬áthe show can keep the momentum going and deliver an even stronger episode next week.


Some Episode Highlights: Spoilers (Obviously!)

  • I ended up liking Kem a lot more then I thought I would. He compliments Seg-El’s hot-headed nature really well
  • Lyta Zod snapping her commander’s neck was brutal (as was the whole fight). But that one scene was pure General Zod type stuff
  • We got an explanation for The Voice of Rao’s silly helmet…and it doesn’t make the helmet look any less ridiculous. But he’s got a sick voice, so that’s cool
  • Seg-El and Val-El’s scene was great. It served as a great parallel to Superman’s conversations with Jor-El
  • The Phantom Zone!
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