New Comic Book Day – March 14, 2018

NCBD - Week 11 - 03.14.18

Happy NCBD!  Everything we are reading this week is below.  This week we picked up a couple of new books Subspecies #1 from Action Labs and Hollywood Undead: Origins from Heavy Metal Comics.

Hollywood Undead Origins

In all honesty i picked this up because it was a one-shot and the cover was really cool.  I had no idea it was about the band Hollywood Undead.

You’ve heard everything there is to hear about Hollywood. But not about the dark depths beneath the shiny surfaces and fake smiles. For some, it’s just a place where you try to survive.’ Hollywood Undead: Origins follows Hollywood Undead’s members from their gritty roots as graffitti artists in the back-alleys of Hollywood Blvd. to their international success as a platinum and gold album-selling supergroup.

Written by Paul Allor, the comic follows HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD‘s members as they discover a deep conspiracy; all across Los Angeles, people are acting unnaturally happy and compliant. People in the counterculture are suddenly fitting into society, finding square jobs and loving them. Is it clones? Robots? Alien replacements? The crew discovers that in reality, it’s a system of mental and physical alteration, funded by a powerful tech mogul-turned City Councilman. And what’s more, the “victims” aren’t victims at all; they’re undergoing the process voluntarily. But our guys won’t stand for that. They work to destroy the facility, assisted by like-minded people from across the city.

This fifty-six-page comic ties in with the release of HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD‘s fifth studio album, “V”.

Subspecies #1

Writer(s): Cullen Bunn & JimmyZ
Artist Name(s): Daniel J. Logan
Cover Artist(s): Daniel J. Logan

Michelle survived being attacked by the vampire Radu, defeated him on more than one occasion, and has been living with the fallout for years. Her life forever changed since she was infected by him, she has adjusted to her existence as a creature of the night. Now, though, the unthinkable has happened. Radu has resurfaced, only now there appears to be five incarnations of the fiendish vampire!

This book is a direct sequel to the Subspecies movies.  The SUBSPECIES sequel will run for three issues.

Week 11 Pull List & Statistics

Week 11 Publisher Distribution @ TGV
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