Metal Gear Survive Out Today

       Okay, before I get into talking about the game I just want to hit some of you with some real talk. I get it, you hate Konami for what they “supposedly” did to Kojima, we all do, and I understand possibly being on the fence with the setting of this game. That said, you shouldn’t let the Konami issue be a deciding factor and if you think the setting is “dumb” then you probably didn’t pay much attention to any of the story through out the MGS franchise *cough* giant flaming fucking whales and flamboyant wanna be vampire ballet dance battling with a cry baby cyborg ninja *cough*. And for the people saying that this is just milking the dead tit of Metal Gear (you are right), they need to understand  that this was more than likely something Kojima created and had to leave behind. So, in other words be open minded and at least think about it

     Now that thats out of the way, Metal Gear Survive arrives today on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. After the previously mentioned falling out with Konami and Kojima it was widely believed that the Metal Gear franchise was finished. Last year however Konami announced at E3 that they were making a spin of, much like Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (trash game that completely undid the purpose of MGS4) and was met with extreme criticism from the fan base still furious about the previously mentioned debacle 

*minor spoilers*

        From what I’ve seen and have read about the story of Metal Gear Survive is that it takes place mere moments after the destruction of Mother Base at the the end of the Ground Zeros chapter. After Snake, Miller and any near by allies escape Mother Base, the reaming crew is left behind to either be killed by remaining XOF forces or be swept away by sea from the sinking base. As the Hind carrying Snake flies off, a wormhole/portal opens up above the mostly destroyed base  pulling in any and everything from survivors to the remains of base itself.


       That’s what I’ve gathered so far. It seems like you play as a survivor trying to figure out and survive the new and hostile situation. Zombie? like creatures are a threat and you must scavenge and build equipment, weapons and even your own base to fend off the hoard of creatures. Gameplay trailers shave done a reasonably good job of making me want to give it a go.

       For $39.99 I cant really complain and I love me some Metal Gear. I know the Meta Critic user reviews are going to be very low based off of the angry people just looking to doom Konami but this seems like it can be a fun Co-Op game to play with friends. I for one will be playing later. Comment below to let us know if you’ll be picking this up or are you 100% against this obvious “cash grab”

Be sure to check back later for a review/update on the game. 

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