Shadow Of The Colossus Out Today On PS4!

      So today is a pretty big deal for a lot of older gamers and PlayStation fans.  Way back in 2005, Shadow of the Colossus was originally released  for the PS2 with limited to no real press in the US. Most people were concerned with the upcoming release of the PS3 to really notice this gem. 

     The story is limited to say the least as you play as a young warrior trying to save your lover/queen/princess (never made clear) from a curse/sickness (never made clear) by killing giant colossi. Listen, I know it sounds pretty flimsy but it actually happens to be one of the best games in PlayStation history. Every colossus acts as a puzzle making you scale the creature and figure out a way to bring it down. 


     Thirteen years ago this game pushed the graphical limits of the PS2 to its max and it seems like the remaster is doing the same. From what most early access players have said it’s shaping up to be one of the best looking games in the PS4’s library.  For $39.99 its a steal and a must play for original fans and new comers alike. Check it out!

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